Denrele Edun: I Am A Se’xual Outlaw; I’m Not Claiming Any Preference


Media personality and VJ,Denrele Edun had a chat with HipTV today and he revealed a lot about his se’xuality. He also talked about the kind of wedding he would like and the photoshoot he intends to have.
He said

“I have been called a homose’xual, bis’exual, heteros’exual, ‘hip’se’xual’, se’xual se’xual. I am a se’xual outlaw. Take it and take it! I am not claiming any preference”

“I would like to have a wedding where it will be like a carnival and everyone will come. I am not going to do all that invites and stuff – I am just going to put billboards everywhere and invite everyone. There will no VIPs ‘cos I don’t believe in all that VIP crap”

“Will anyone know the person I am going to marry? NO. I am not going to reveal or disclose the identity of the person,I am not going to put that person through all that media brouhaha. I am going to wrap the person up like a mummy and it is only when we are about to kiss that I am going to open the mouth.”

“If you want to know who I am getting married to? Get ready to drop the money like it’s hot. In the pre-wedding photos that I have done, it is only the person’s curves you will see, so you will be sure it is not a transgender and the person is not a man.“She is a woman.” he stated

Watch the video below…

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