Hey pals, 2016 has finally breathe its last giving way to an awesome 2017. Tis’ being our first article, we’ll be giving five tips to stay stylish in 2017.

1. GET BASICS: Basics are items that would work with multiple outfits. They are the foundation of any sort of outfit, these could be your denim, basic tops, jackets. Just certain things that are very streamlined or colour neutral e.g black, white, grey, ash. Such colour tones that are transferable.
Ensure your trouser collection comprises of jeans, chinos and nice plain Trousers.
Make sure your shoe collection is made up of shoes that can blend with work and normal events e.g a pair of brogues or oxford shoes does it for me. From being wearable with your jeans, they go a long way to serve your corporate needs plus they last long enough to be passed down to your great grand children.

2. TRY LOCAL WEARS: Native wears as they are popularly known are the game all year round. Try getting a nice and unique piece or more in your wardrobe. Native wears are always obedient to your corporate, night and street needs.

3. STAY AWAY FROM TRENDS: Trends tend to fade out too quickly or are most times remade inferior by some Chinese dude, or aba boy. Good examples are your yeezy’s and puma fenti’s. You might want to stay away from such in 2017 and stick with stuff that can stay the time.

4. BUY WHAT YOU NEED: People buy for many reasons, while some do it cause they need it, others buy name or cost. You should to buying your needs. Bankers do not need sneakers on workdays, so a banker should be buying more of the corporate wears and less of the street wears.

5. EVALUATE YOURSELF: Most persons do not have a say for their kind of fashion. It is important that you understand your face and body type just so you dont dress out of line. If you have the finances, you can always consult a stylist. You can reach @theSalvage_ng for your own personal evaluation and fashion advice. (EDITED)

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