Bhad Bhabie – From The D To The A Remix

Bhad Bhabie – From The D To The A Remix

Bhad Bhabie is bhack with “From The D To The A.”

It’s crazy to see the rise of a pop culture phenomenon in real time. What started as an appearance on Dr. Phil has officially grown into something beyond control – the unwieldy beast known as Bhad Bhabie.

The young lady who once earned internet popularity through the use of her now seemingly official catchphrase “cash me ousside” continues to make strides in her aspiring rap career, and while your first instinct may be to hate, remember this: that’ exactly what she wants you to do.

It’s sort of a catch 22 in that regard, so perhaps it’s better to simply let it unfold and see what happens. Remember, we’re living in a strange time for music.

A former stripper and reality star has one of the biggest songs in the country. A teenager made a song about his experience going on the run, and it hit over 45 million views. Sixteen year olds are driving Lambos and drive around perpetually faded off lean and xanax.

Young rappers have become more famous for their lifestyle and social media antics than for their actual music. So is it really no surprise that Bhad Bhabie’s sudden emergence as a rapper has captured the interest of so many people? After all, she’s somewhat of a social phenomenon.

The first rapper to ever get a start on Dr. Phil. That’s got to be a record.As for the song itself, Bregoli actually holds her own over Tee Grizzley and Lil Yachty’s “From The D To The A.” Her lyrics are actually kind of nice, and while it’s not clear if she’s using a ghostwriter or not, Bhabie’s music has proven to be better than expectations might suggest. S

he’s actually more lyrical than some of these younger up-and-comers, and it won’t be long before she drops her first mixtape. I suppose we’ll have a better assessment when that time comes, but until then, strap in and enjoy the circus.

Quotable Lyrics

Ten bands, fifty bands got all kind of dough
Garage feelin’ haunted ain’t no spirits I just copped a ghost,
Hair stand up on my arm cause my wrist cold
Take my Roley off before the fame make that bitch fold

Bhad Bhabie – From The D To The A Remix

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