Brain – I’m Brain Album (Zip Download)

Brain – I’m Brain Album (Zip Download)

Lil Dicky’s Brain launches his rap career.

Lil Dicky has continuously shown his creativity through music and otherwise. While his last album Professional Rapper did exceptionally well, one of the highlighted guest appearances was from Lil Dicky’s Brain on “Pillow Talking”. As he provided comedic relief on the project, now he returns with his own project titled I’m Brain.

While this is a solo venture of Brain, Lil Dicky shows up on the majority of the project. Although this is probably one of the weirdest alter ego/side projects that we’ve seen in hip hop, it’s another confirmation of Lil Dicky’s creative brilliance.

This project serves as Brain’s time to shine but Lil Dicky still pulls up with some bars to deliver. Dicky plays the supporting character in this project while Brain takes the drivers seat.

Over the course of seven tracks, the rapper(s) go back and forth trading bars. Dicky makes his way onto five of tracks on the project, including the Game assisted track “How Can U Sleep At Night.”

For anyone waiting on Lil Dicky’s next project, this should hold you over in the meanwhile. The rapper took to Twitter today to say “I’m sorry my album is taking so long, luckily brain stepped up”. So it’s looking like he’ll be coming through soon with another project in the near future.

He also hit Instagram up today to let his fans know that he’s been working on the project everyday. Aside from music, Dicky also announced in the spring that he’s looking into developing his own TV Show.

It seems fitting considering that he just released a side project by his Brain. Check the tracklist below, along with our list of Lil Dicky’s 15 best bars right here.

1. “On Smash” featuring Lil Dicky
2. “Cocaine” featuring Lil Dicky
3. “Whippin’ It Up” featuring Lil Dicky
4. “Brainstorm”
5. “F Slo” featuring Lil Dicky
6. “Interlude”
7. “How Can U Sleep” featuring Lil Dicky and The Game

Brain – I’m Brain Album (Zip Download)

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