Mark Battles – Vasi World Album (Zip Download)

Mark Battles – Vasi World Album (Zip Download)

Mark Battles’ new “Vasi World” EP is worth a listen. Indianapolis rapper Mark Battles has returned to the fold with his new album Vasi World.

To be fair, Battles has been referring to this one as an EP, but the eleven-track run-time does feel a little album-esque. Either way, it’s fire.

With features from Jarren Benton, FUTURISTICS, 12Fifteen, King Kap and Brittani Janae, Vasi World finds Battles showcasing all sides of his versatile personality, from the romantic (“Gretsky”), the triumphant (“Mad”), and the unleashed (“All”).

Don’t let this one fly under your radar, especially if you’re interested in some strong lyrics and technically proficient flows.

Plus, it’s always nice to see a rapper come through with a hockey reference. The vibe of this project is a little more on the low-key side, but there are definitely some trap-inspired bangers to be found; after all, it is 2018.

Still, even when Battles dives into trap-territory (like on “The Moon”), he always manages to keep his lyrical integrity.

Don’t sleep on this one, and keep your eye out for more from Mark Battles.

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